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Funny Cinnamon Challenge video

This is not a picture, but that is very interesting video about trendy game called Cinnamon Challenge!


Potato bug is coming

This is one of the rare potato bug pictures! Beautiful moment caught by amateur photographer Julia Jelshina in her own garden in late afternoon right before rain. She wanted to take pictures of fresh flowers and accidentally found this little fellow sitting on piece of metal! There is no photoshop used in that picture and this beautiful blur effect you see is on photo because of camera's focus settings! Front is unfocused but potato bug is dominant object of the picture! That is why picture looks natural and unique!


Tracks on the lake

This is very nice example of photoshop art, you can see dark tracks on the lake and however colors differ from one another pretty much and they are kinda juicy, overall this photo is dark which reminds some loch ness monster pictures. If you look at this photograph for the first time it seems to be wow and you think how was it made, but than if you look closer you can see that in the middle colors of rocks are darker and colder.


Nature - Fire on the amazon

Big fire on Amazon brought mess and destruction to our nature! It put animals into a hell on Earth! Many of them were hurt and uncountable numbers of live creatures died. The ones who survived had no place to go because big part of forest burned to zero and what had left is only black dust everywhere. Every year fire destroys many beautiful and unique places on Earth and takes away thousands of human and animal lives. It destroys people houses and other properties, sometimes whole villages or even small towns. It breaks families and separates friends. Sometimes it is caused by people's action, sometimes by nature which maybe responds that way to what we do to it. Maybe if we were more responsible and took care of our nature there wouldn't be such things like fire on Amazon.


Beautiful mountain landscape

You can see a beautiful mountain landscape on this picture. Who wouldn't like to visit such an amazing place? This is unique northern nature view. Colors of this picture are gorgeous and very hard to find. This picture would be perfect as a computer's wallpaper. That place looks so peaceful and quiet. And it is so relaxing to look at this picture.